Michael Bosch MBBS equiv. MRCGP DRCOG MSc


Michael is a GP in Surrey who came to the UK after graduating in Germany in 1994. Having spent a year of his undergraduate training at St George’s Medical School he was impressed not only by the NHS but also fell in love with general practice.

After completing his GP training in 1999, he worked part time for East Surrey Health Authority’s Public Health Department where he developed guidelines for managing depression and projects. In 2001 he completed an MSc in General Practice at King's College London GKT Medical School. Since 2002 Michael has been a GP partner in a practice in Smallfield, Surrey, but he continued throughout to work part-time for the local PCG, PCT and CCG and since 2014 he is also a director in his local GP Federation.

Michael is passionate about the principles of the NHS and believes that it can continue to provide high quality services in an extremely efficient way as long as it nurtures its unique system of general practice and primary care. Clinical leaders across all specialities need to come together with patients who use services and adapt and improve publically funded healthcare for all. The Clinical Senates can provide a forum for discussion and debates for that purpose and provide NHS commissioners with reassurance that their plans can lead to better care.

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